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I met Kristin seven years ago when my first child was struggling with writing in the 5th grade, and he improved dramatically in his mastery of the language. By his freshman year, he was confident enough to take an honors English class and aced it. Knowing the effectiveness of Kristin's teaching techniques, I placed his brother in her care starting in 5th grade. He also had writing and reading comprehension problems. By 6th grade, he was more comfortable in writing and showed tremendous improvement in his reading comprehension. My sons have become capable scholars all because of her organization, knowledge, and diligence to review and revise all of her students' work. She is a great teacher who cares so much for her students' achievements.


My son has been with Kristin since 6th grade and is in 11th grade now. He had tried four private tutors before but Kristin is the best tutor of all. Through these years of tutoring, my son has built up a very strong foundation in academics. Initially he was only working on English writing, but Kristin is so kind that she also offers help in all subjects. Kristin is a caring person. She knows my son's personality so well that she often gives him support and encouragement when he has difficulties and frustrations. Because of this, my son built up trust in her and follows her guidelines. My son loves Kristin and so do my husband and I. I am so thankful having Kristin not only as a tutor but also as a friend. Kristin is the greatest tutor I have ever known.


My daughter is graduating from high school this year. She has been with Kristin since 7th grade. From a teenager to a young adult, there were a lot of up and downs. Sometimes I struggle between wanting to be a mean mom or a friendly mom. However, Kristin always keeps her standards high. My daughter had to work hard to finish Kristin's assignments, to make corrections, to read ahead, and be active in classes. Yes, my daughter is a more serious writer now, but more important, she has a positive role model to grow up with - Kristin.


Kristin has become part of my family and a great friend who is so involved in the lives of her students and clients that I sometimes wonder how she makes time for her own life. I began with Kristin in middle school (now graduating high school) for math help, which was by far one of the best choices I could have made. My grade improved and my understanding of math topics increased greatly as well. Kristin really involves herself into the studies of her students, making sure that each one completely understands the topics at hand and is deeply prepared for their tests. I stayed with Kristin until Pre-Calculus my junior year, and then transitioned over to her college essay and admission help. Without her, I don't think I would have applied to nearly as many schools, nor gotten into many of the ones I applied to. My sister has also started using Kristin for math help and is experiencing the same results that I had. Without her, I would be struggling in math and the college process would have been a lot more stressful and complicated.


I've been seeing Kristin for math and English since the 8th grade and I am currently a senior in high school. For math, Kristin is great at helping clarify and teach information. Sometimes she teaches me ahead of time so I can have an advantage while in class and better understand the concept I'm learning. For English, she's very good at editing papers...above all she is really good at keeping me in line. If she edits papers she makes me send them in by a certain date so I don't procrastinate. Kristin also helped me write my college admissions essays and assisted me through the whole process. After hearing some of my friends' horrible college stories about procrastination I am really thankful for the amount of stress she helped remove from the whole process. Overall, Kristin is a really great friend and tutor and now that my senior year is almost over I really wish I'd still have her for college as she is really helpful and good at what she does!!!! :)


I have been a client of RYP for over seven years and RYP has been an integral part of both my children's successes in their education. Kristin fosters an excellent and motivating relationship with her students, providing sound guidance, skills and curriculum knowledge for the student's success. Personally, I have been impressed with her ability to form a lasting bond with her students both on a professional and personal basis. This bond has my children more confident and trusting in their own abilities and has them setting higher goals year after year. In the past, I have recommended RYP to many friends and family and have heard excellent feedback and similar success stories. I would not hesitate to recommend RYP to others now and in the future.


We have been working with RYP tutoring for the past two years and could not be happier with their services. We had moved to a new school district and my son was having a difficult time transitioning to the new school curriculum. Kristin was very responsive to our needs. She understood the importance of helping him in his studies as well as motivating him to be an independent thinker. With the assistance and support of RYP tutoring, my son has recently made his Middle School Honor Roll. Thank you RYP for helping Alex not just meet but exceed his potential!


I found RYP when I was in desperate need of a tutor to help me pass my entrance exam for nursing school. I am a mother of two who has been out of school for about four years. Kristin made me feel so comfortable and confident. She taught me math formulas that I will never forget. I am proud to say I made it in to nursing school! I am so glad I found her! Thanks RYP.


Our kids are very fortunate to have an inspiring teacher like Kristin. Kristin is an exceptionally talented and knowledgeable teacher who stimulates interest and creativity towards learning. Kristin's enthusiasm and passion helps to motivate her students to go above and beyond to achieve their goals. We have a great deal of respect for her. She has had a significant positive impact on the lives of our children.


The college application process can be super-stressful. I am so glad that I had Kristin's help. Without her help, I would not have sent in my applications on time, nor would I have gotten into ten out of twelve colleges that I applied to. I thank her so much for all the help she was to me.


We feel fortunate to have been introduced to Kristin. She has done a terrific job with our kids' studies. She has helped our son to improve his Math grade to an A, the only subject he was struggling in, and helped our daughter to maintain her straight A grades. We have been so happy with her style of teaching, her demeanor, and keeping us in the loop that we have been raving about her to our friends. Keep up the good work, Kristin! And we will never hesitate to recommend RYP Tutoring to anyone.


Ever since I was a little kid, I never was a big fan of tutors or extra classes. They were always so much work and I always felt like those classes just added another load of stress on me. So walking into Mrs. Londo's college essay course was pretty nerve-wracking for me as a soon-to-be senior in high school. That summer, I had a full time job, so after a long bus ride home, I had to immediately head on over to Mrs. Londo's class. I was ready for my summer to get worse at that point, but after I walked in and wrote/planned out essays with Mrs. Londo, the meetings turned out to be a good ending to my busy summer days. Sometimes I tend to slack off or am just tired, but regardless, Mrs. Londo helped me stay on top of my college essays and change my bad procrastination habit. She is not only really talented when it comes to writing; she is also good at listening. She helps you figure out what YOU want to say to the colleges you are applying to, instead of just writing things that one might think colleges want to hear. Overall, I'm really glad I worked with Mrs. Londo, because aside from improving my writing, I learned a lot about myself and even got into many of my top schools!


I have studied with Kristin since elementary school, and I feel that every minute has helped me tremendously! She was always prepared for the lessons and continually challenged me by having me read literature that was above my grade level. Even as a senior in high school, I sought help from Kristin; she edited my personal statements for college, and I was able to get into Wellesley College, my first choice school! Thank you for everything, Kristin!


Kristin was my Math and English tutor when I was a sophomore in high school. Honestly, I did as well as I did because of her, especially in Honors English. It was during this time that I realized how much I love to write, and my greatest improvement took place. Not only did she help me with my homework/classwork, she also helped me look into colleges, career possibilities, etc. to set a plan and have a goal. Though she wasn't hired to tutor me specifically for SAT prep, my sessions with her helped me prepare for the exam and that was reflected in my score as well. I am now a junior at California State University, Long Beach, pursuing my degree in Journalism and Political Science. I'm here, in large part, thanks to Kristin!


Kristin has been my tutor since I was in the 6th grade, and has continued to help me throughout my educational career, including now while I am a freshman in college. Without her attentive and constant help with studying for tests, completing homework assignments, writing an unimaginable amount of essays, and even filling out college applications, I truly would not be where I am today. I got into the top design school in the country, and without Kristin, it really would not have been possible!


My boys have had Kristin for about a year now, and both have improved so much. I have tried many tutoring places i.e. Kumon, Huntington Learning Center, Sylvan (which I found were there not for kids but in the business for making money ) but since they have been with Kristin, not only they have improved academically but to date they always look forward to their class. She is soft spoken, dedicated in improving the kids she takes on, and always encouraging my boys to do better without being too pushy . She is very approachable and easy to talk to for both students and parents. Thanks Kristin because of you I can honestly say I am able to sleep at night , and my boys are improving daily in writing as well, and that I am able to spend quality time with family over the weekends. You have been a god send gift to our family :)


Kristin and Alex were an intervention team set up for me. I was failing math and was generally despondent about my future in that class. I have had other tutors in the past and have managed to veer the conversation away from math and onto a variety of other topics. I would wait until they got fed up with me and finally gave up. I always had a lot of shame asking for help. I hated people explaining things to me, and I hated it more when I didn't understand them. I was afraid that Alex and Kristin would think I was stupid, or worse, when I asked them to repeatedly explain a concept. I was blown away when they didn't get tired of me. And moved. These guys took every chance for laziness away from me and I am so grateful. I think it was the loyalty that I developed toward them and the fact that we were a team that helped me the most. Anyone can teach, but these guys are like family. I got through the class with a C. But I don't think I've ever understood math this well. Or felt this supported academically. Since Junior year ended Kristin has helped me look at colleges and figure out credits, transfers, and all that complicated scary stuff. She cheered me on before my drive test. And she even offered to help me in my current Econ class. These are tutors that care.